Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club

Tournament Results:

15th February 2014
  • Saturday the 15th of February saw 12 bouts of quality boxing action. Check out our latest gallery for this tournament.

    Thank you to everyone who attended Saturdays tournament - Boxers, Coaches, Officials and spectators alike.

    If you'd like to come along to the next tournament it will be held on Saturday 10th May.
    Location: 17 Normandy Way, Bodmin.
Red Blue
1 Cameron Steele Skills Vs Skills Sophie Chapman
Launceston Whitstable
2 Albert Cooper Vs Aiden Gallagher
Bodmin Wildcard
3 Dean Thomas Vs Matt Darlington
Bodmin Mayflower
4 Frank Masters Vs Taylor Barber
Bodmin Tamar
5 Jessica Dorson Vs Ciara Hodnett
Bodmin Wildcard
6 Mark Meaden Vs Tommy Weeks
Bodmin Sturminster
7 Kieran Moore Vs Jack Ethoridge
Bodmin St Just
8 Tia Luscombe Vs Shannon Haddly
Camborne&Redruth King Alfred
9 Jamie Paine Vs Jordan Ruth
Bodmin Plympton
10 Jenny Elwood Vs Elena Ivanova
Bodmin Finchley
11 Christian Hoskins Vs Paul Greenidge
Carls Boxing Finchley
12 Chris Woolf Vs Joe Hawkes
Tamar Whitstable
13 Cory Miller Vs Nonso Onwegbusi
Bodmin Finchley
  • The boxing tournament on Saturday 19th October was a great success. Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club would like to say a big thank you to all of the boxers and their coaches who kindly travelled to be there on the night.

    We would also like to thank the medical officer and the ABA officials for their expertise and time and all who came to watch.

    We would also like to mention everyone who put time and effort in to the running of the evenings show and the sponsors who have supported us over the years, whithout their support it would be difficult to host boxing tournaments at the club.
Red Blue
1 Albert Cooper Vs Curk Wright
Bodmin Pilgrims
2 Dean Thomas Vs Harley Hulme
Bodmin Heart of Devon
3 Franck Masters Vs Kye Cook
Bodmin Bideford
4 Mark Meaden Vs Adam Davidson
Bodmin Pilgrims
5 Kieran Moore Vs Jack Ethoridge
Bodmin St Just
6 Ryan hoar Vs Ollie Watt
Bodmin Heart of Devon
7 Thomas Dennis Vs James Gallon
Bodmin St Ives
8 Steve White Vs Callum Bedford
Novice Championships Mayflower Rough Diamonds
9 Cory Miller Vs Jack O'Reilly
Novice Championships Bodmin Horseshoe
10 Lewis Chambers Vs Tom Smart
Novice Championships Waymouth Salibury
11 Jack Dale Vs Dan Goldstone
Novice Championships Oakmead N.S.C
12 Darren Townly Vs Akeem Brown
Novice Championships Devonport The Factory
13 Lee Cutler Vs Aidean Watson
Novice Championships Poole Empire
14 Dean McNally Vs Robert Moore
Newquay Devizes
15 Jenny Elwood Vs Heidi Redman
Bodmin Tamar
16 Callum Early Vs Jack Farrel
Bodmin Pilgrims
OIC Nigel Western Judge Dennis Dent
Referee/Judge Nick Kendal MOD Lain James
Referee/Judge Mark Woods Timekeeper Brian Chittock
Judge Lain James MC Balu Madhvani
Judge Mary Corson Doctor visvalingam
All officials are members of the ABA.
  • Future Tournament dates for 2014 at Bodmin Amateur Boxing Club:
  • Saturday 15th February
  • Saturday 10th May